Mizuno GT180

Our Review:

With two movable weights, three weight tracks, a sliding chip on the sole to tweak its appearance at address and 4 degrees of loft adjustment on the hosel, the GT180 is the most changeable driver in Mizuno history. But that's not even the coolest feature. The secret that makes all this movement more powerful is a specially treated, high-strength titanium alloy in the face. SP700 is 10 percent stronger than the titanium typically used in drivers, allowing for more varied thicknesses in the face, which leads to more consistent distances on off-center strikes.
Specs: Adjustable hosel 7.5-11.5 degrees.
Price: $500
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Player Comments
  • low
    Easy to control. I didn't get a lot of curve on my off-center hits.
  • mid
    Don't be fooled by the color. I nuked it, and the sound was pleasant. It has a low flight and exceptional distance.
  • high
    With all the adjustability, it can feel like a totally different club.