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Cleveland Launcher HB

Our Review:

Cleveland is having none of golf's complex moving parts. The throwback design—no adjustable hosel, no movable weights—might seem basic, but look again: The simplicity serves a purpose. Most golfers, Cleveland engineers say, need forgiveness on mis-hits and a higher launch, so any feature that doesn't work toward those objectives is a waste of material and unnecessarily confusing. Here, all the weight saved from not having adjustable features is pushed low and deep for higher launch and added forgiveness for off-center hits. A stepped crown and sole are designed to enhance the flexing of the face for better distance.
Specs: 9, 10.5, 12
Price: $300
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Player Comments
  • low
    It was very forgiving on my bad swings.
  • mid
    Feels fast when you hit it great—in the sound and the feedback in my hands.
  • high
    The channel gives the appearance of a smaller clubhead. All hits seem to fly to a really nice height at their apex.