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Wilson D300

Our Review:

Wilson is doing everything to help the club move faster. First, at 268 grams, it's the lightest driver on the market by a major brand—about a pack of Skittles lighter than most drivers in the game. Next, designers modified the curvature in the sole, rear and front of the crown (compared to the D200) to reduce its aerodynamic drag. Finally, and most noticeably, pyramid-shape nodules on the top of the club streamline airflow around the crown and hosel. The ultimate intent of this lighter, sleeker shape? To let your same old swing produce new and faster results.
Specs: 9, 10.5, 13 (adjustable +1/-1)
Price: $350
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Player Comments
  • low
    Whatever those things are on top, I'm a believer. I love the way it sits square and lets you go after it.
  • mid
    Everything felt light, liberating and easy to swing. You can forgive the bumps on top.
  • high
    If those spikes help with aerodynamics, I'll suffer with it. Easy to launch high.
  • high
    Love the flat black with aggessive spikes. Really cool combo. Crisp, piercing sound. Sweet spot hits felt substantial for as light as it was, plenty of energy