RBC Canadian Open

Oakdale Golf & Country Club


Cobra King F7/F7+

Our Review:

These two drivers—the oversize F7 and the compact, better-player-focused F7+—mix easy adjustability with complex internal technologies. Making them easier to fit to your specs, both come in only one head that adjusts across a range of lofts (9 to 12 degrees on the F7; 8 to 11 degrees on the F7+). Even better, those loft changes are clearly revealed in a window on the hosel. And no less complicated are the adjustable weights that fit in three simple ports to tweak shots higher, lower or with less slice.
Specs: F7: One adjustable head (9-12) /F7+: One adjustable head (8-11 )
Price: $350/$400
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Player Comments
  • low
    The F7+ sets up neutral and doesn't look hooked at all, which is nice. I love the neutral shape. It's even more forgiving than it looks.
  • mid
    I love the deep face, the finish, the way it sets up square at address and the beautiful thud it makes at impact.
  • high
    Adjusting the weights doesn't seem like it would do a whole lot, but it made a huge difference in carry and how far my mis-hits went.