Ping G/LS TEC/SF Tec

Our Review:

All three models (the neutral G, the anti-slice SF Tec and the low-spin LS Tec) are big drivers, but they also have little features that make them play large. Touches like a thin crown modeled on a dragonfly’s wings save weight that’s pushed low and deep for less spin and more forgiveness. Details like the curves on those crown ridges and the depression in back help streamline airflow. There are even attributes to fit certain players. The LS Tec’s weighting is slightly more forward for less spin, and the SF Tec’s heel weighting combats a slice. But for all those details, believe in the big: These are the most stable drivers Ping has ever offered.
Specs: 9, 10.5/9, 10.5/10, 12 (all adjustable +1/-1)
Price: $400
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Player Comments
  • low
    I didn’t have to make a great swing to put it in play.
  • mid
    Easy to launch with terrific speed and forgiveness. Great correction.
  • mid
    Ball took off immediately with a good trajectory. Pretty narrow dispersion, too. The dragonfly helps frame the ball.
  • high
    The forgiveness fuels your confidence to go after it.