Memorial Tournament

Muirfield Village Golf Club


Cobra King F6

Our Review:

A rear weight chip in the sole does two good things: First, it pushes weight low and deep in the head to improve forgiveness. Second, the deeper position for the weight creates higher shots. Each of the three standard lofts can be adjusted eight ways, providing 24 possibilities from 16 to 25 degrees.
Specs: 2-3 (17.5), 3-4 (20.5), 4-5 (23.5) (adjustable +/- 1.5)
Price: $200
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Player Comments
  • low
    The slightly rounded toe gives it a perfect shape.
  • low
    Not too big, not too small. Soft, soothing shape. It felt like a hammer hitting a nail. Flat high trajectory.
  • mid
    The white outline on the crown helps my setup.
  • mid
    You really feel like you can hit the kind of shot that you want with this because it is more shallow front to back. Almost feel like you have the control of an iron in your hand except the ball just goes.