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Wilson C200

Our Review:

OK, the urethane-filled slots on the topline might be tough to look at, but this club hides a multitude of sins in your swing and will have you thinking you really can buy a game. The slots allow for a large, thin face (less than one-tenth of an inch in the long irons), with minimal contact points between the face and body. The openings extend completely through the topline, toe and sole and into the cavity to create room for the face to flex. The shafts are a touch longer than most irons to add a little extra boost to your swing speed.
Specs: 6-iron: 28 degrees; PW: 44
Price: $800
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Player Comments
  • low
    When you hit it flush the ball just hangs in the sky like a hot-air balloon. It has distance most of the others don’t have.
  • mid
    It’s like the date that you can take to the prom but you want her to meet you inside.
  • mid
    Feels OMG powerful.
  • high
    The sole is pretty big, but chunky hits receive a decent result.