Ben Hogan PTX

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A little more than a year ago there was plenty of buzz among gearheads about the relaunch of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Co. Now those same Hoganites have products to drool over. Among them is this game-improvement option, a set that has hollow irons in lofts of 20 to 31 degrees and more traditional cavity-back irons from 32 to 47 degrees. (The company produces lofts in single-degree increments from 20 to 47 degrees instead of traditional iron numbers.) The hollow irons have a 17-gram tungsten toe weight to help launch the ball higher. The cavity-back irons use titanium forged with the carbon-steel body, which allows mass to be distributed higher for a more penetrating ball flight.
Specs: 6-iron: variable; PW: variable
Price: $1,200
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Player Comments
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    The squared-off, compact head is a great look at address.
  • mid
    Feel was top-shelf. The first strike was, Wow, haven’t felt something like that in a long time.
  • mid
    The fact you can buy any loft you want settles any distance-gap issues.
  • high
    Such a soft feel off the face, just like I remembered about the old Hogans.