10 Tour Wives We'd Love To See On TV


10 Tour Wives We'd Love To See On TV

March 02, 2011

With the possibility of a new reality show centered around PGA Tour wives, we suggest 10 who would make for good television

Kandi Mahan

Hunter Mahan's newlywed wife is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Need we say more?

Angie Watson

Bubba Watson's wife is a former WNBA player and at 6-foot-4 has a height advantage over most of the guys on tour. We'd like to see her settle any dispute on the show by challenging another spouse to a game of one-on-one.

Lisa Pavin

The wife of Corey Pavin's ubiquity up to and during the most recent Ryder Cup rubbed some people the wrong way. But doesn't every show need a character to serve as a lightning rod? And just think of the ratings boost if she makes a bad fashion suggestion a la the rainsuit snafu in Wales.

Sybi Kuchar

Like Angie Watson, Matt Kuchar's wife is a tremendous athlete in her own right, having been a standout tennis player at Georgia Tech. Perhaps the wives could stage some sort of Olympic-like sports contests for one of the episodes.

Lisa Cink

The wife of golf's "Tweetfather," Stewart Cink, has several thousand followers of her own on Twitter. But wouldn't it be funny to hear her complain about her husband's other hobby? "Stewart! I'm taking away your phone until you take out the trash!" Or something like that...

Amy Mickelson

A longtime darling of the PGA Tour, the courageous way she's handled her fight with breast cancer has only increased her popularity.

Amy Campbell

Claim to fame: An aspiring singer/songwriter, Chad's wife has also been a middle and high school teacher in Lewisville, Tex.Memorable moment: Was once a contestant on "American Idol," though we couldn't track down any footage. We hope Simon Cowell was kind. . .

Diane Donald

Aside from his prowess on the golf course, Luke Donald is also known for his abilities as a painter. Apparently, he knows how to pick out a piece of art as well.

Richelle Baddeley

Claim to fame: Got the highest percentage of the vote (16%) for "nicest tour wife" in Golf.com's 2008 PGA Tour Player Survey. Memorable moment: Greeting husband, Aaron, on the 18th green at Riviera with the couple's two young daughters after he won the Northern Trust Open to end a four-year winless drought on the PGA Tour.

Carminita Immelman

We admit we don't know much about the wife of 2008 Masters champion Trevor. But wouldn't she be a great addition to the show just based on her fun first name? OK, now we're stretching it. Maybe this isn't a great idea for a show after all...

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