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Latest gear

May 12, 2008

Will the true muscle-back blade exist forever?


The J36 Blade and the J36 Cavity Back are forged from 1020 mild carbon steel and have the Rifle Project X Flighted as a stock shaft. Mixed sets are an option ($800,


The Blade and the CB-202 are made using the company's spin-welding process designed to ensure consistent hosel heights and bore depths ($1,200,


Slender-cut muscle notches throughout the set in the MP-67 help position the CG. Also forged from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel is the MP-57 cavity-back ($850,

Snake Eyes

The 675B (blade) and 675C (cavity) heads are forged from 1035 carbon-steel billets that go through a five-step process to achieve tight grain structures ($700,


Rac MB TP has "feel pockets" to absorb vibration, and the r7 TP cavity design has "inverted cone technology" to increase ball speed on mis-hits ($1,000, $800,


The Z shape of the Z Muscle Forged is designed to balance weight from heel to toe. A tungsten nickel box in the dual cavity AP-2 pushes the CG low ($900, $1,000,

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