British Open Scripting


British Open Scripting

July 14, 2015


Spieth's wardrobe, with its clean, simple look, isn't all that different from what we saw at the Masters and the U.S. Open. Of course, given the outcome of those two events, maybe he doesn't want to mix things up all that much. My only criticism: I'm not a big fan of the white belt the first three days. It draws too much attention to his waist. Add high marks for an excellent fit.


Excellent balance to the dark and light palette, really well planned. It's nice to see the blue pants on Friday. Pay some attention (as Under Armour has done) to Hunter's belts. While I do not love the white one all the others add some variety to the solids tops and bottoms.


He's mixing the variety of his trousers, wearing five-pocket designs a few days, which send off a nice casual vibe, as well as a traditional look. And notice the self-collars each day, which are right on trend. There's a lot of contrast in his outfits, but it all seems balanced and they'll wear well on Fowler. I also like the half-zip rainwear piece if the weather turns for the worse. It has a clean, athletic look.

Tiger Woods/Nike

What you're seeing from Tiger is what a lot of players will be putting into play with their polos this week: a heathered pattern treatment. It sort of softens up the look of an otherwise potentially bland solid. Tiger's, however, are a little more graphic than others. It harkens back to something we saw in the 1970s. It has a Grateful Dead feel to it, if you ask me.


With Charl's physique, he can wear heavily patterned tops and it can work. Maybe it's his body shape, but he always looks sort of understated, conservative. Still, his wardrobe has got some zip to it.

paul casey/nike

Casey is taking a page out of Rickie's book with the orange. But it's a great choice. It's bold, and it makes a very strong statement. I love the fact he's not being bashful. He's dressing consistent with his personality. Plus Nike has used color not just in bold ways but also in the details on the sweater and other items. It's really well done.


The heather color block shirts that Garcia wears are very much on trend. Friday and Saturday sort of remind me of an old football uniform with the shirts. Everything is very graphic, in a good way. The contrast works well, but I like the fact he's not matching his belt to his shoes.

JASON DAY/adidas

The first three days are great, a very athletic look with some bright, strong colors. Everything is on trend. But then Sunday just goes bland on us. Plus, please Jason, shorten your pants. They look way too sloppy when they're worn that long.


DJ's on trend with the heather color block shirts, it's just a shame that he was not scripted with this look for all four days. All of the top tennis players (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, etc.) wear the same colors throughout each of the majors and it makes a great statement.


This is a perfect example of a player being "colorful" but not meaning that he's dressed in only bright colors. Grace showcases a variety of color in a number of different ways. I really like how everything is put together. It's understated, classical and clean. Plus it's something I think you could see people wearing on and off the course.

BILL HAAS/Peter Millar

Keeping with the Peter Millar DNA there is color and variety in these choices. Both the stripe shirts and the heather models are clean and fresh.

LUKE DONALD/Ralph Lauren/Polo Golf

This is a very classic, tailored look for Donald. There is a strong color statement with the red pants for Thursday. And the herringbone trousers on Friday, with the tweedy look, is a nice nod to the tradition of the Open. It's very appropriate.

BILLY HORSCHEL/Ralph Lauren/Polo Golf

Finally a player and brand strong enough to go with some great trousers. The Thursday brown herringbone and Sunday tartans are inspired! Keeping the shirts plain and simple emphasizes the pants with good results. The bold stripes for both Friday and Saturday offset with the white trousers will really pop. This is a player whose clothing matches his outgoing personality.


The blue stripes for Thursday and Sunday are on the trend curve and will look interesting. Marc keeps each day's outfit distinctly different. Clearly some serious effort has been made here.


The green shirt on Thursday and the red one slated for Sunday are strong solids that we have come to associate with Patrick. Looks like he is opting for the black "F Squared" trousers, which will no doubt have those plaid (tartan) pocket flaps that make a statement all their own. If we could only convince him to shorten them a bit, they would add some fun and variety to just plain old pants!


The pants seem to be the story here for this new brand. Striped trousers on Thursday followed by camo on Friday make an emphatic statement. The Fair Isle print for Sunday is equally bold. Note that the Saturday cardigan is both elegant and understated.


I am really hoping he makes the cut because the Sunday blue shirt is by far the best choice of the week for Robert.

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