Breaking 80


Breaking 80

May 26, 2009

Shape it for lower scores

To break 80, learn to curve the ball. When the pin is tucked behind trouble, aim at the fat of the green and work it to the hole. If you hit it straight, you're still on the green. If you curve it as expected, you'll be close.Most good players adjust the path to hit curves. To turn the ball left, take a closed stance and push your hands ahead of the ball, which sets up a draw. Practice with your umbrella along your toes and a headcover just outside the ball to promote an inside-out swing (left).

Find tough pins with a fade

A high fade that lands softly will allow you to attack pins on the right side of the green.To hit a fade, take an open stance and play the ball slightly forward of center (far left). Make sure the clubhead remains outside your hands on the takeaway (middle), and be sure to make a full shoulder turn. Coming down, keep turning through the shot so your body releases to the left after impact (near left). That should produce a soft fade that settles quickly on the green.

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