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David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter, a Golf Digest Teaching Professional, operates 24 golf academies worldwide.
Play Your Best | Golf Made Simple
Don't let the group in front ruin your next shot
Play Your Best | Golf Made Simple
Get long bunker shots to the hole

Change your club for longer bunker shots

Golf Made Simple
An Easy Accuracy Tip For Consistency

Stare down the ball: Not with your eyes, with your clubface

Driver Reboot
A Different Way To Turn A Slice Into A Draw

Banish the Banana Ball

David Leadbetter says use your hips to eliminate popping up tee shots

“Constantly borrowing tees? You need a new downswing.”

Improve Your Feel
A Hands-on Approach to Pitching

“The hands should be passive? Then why do they call it touch?”

No More Chunks and Skulls
An Easy Chipping Fix

“Changing the way you hold the club can work wonders.”

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