Old Tips, New Takes

The added benefit of practicing one-handed pitch shots

December 09, 2021

Walter Iooss Jr.

There's nothing new about practicing pitch shots with only your dominant hand. It helps you get a better feel for how the club’s path should shallow out and glide along the turf, not dig into it.

But did you know this practice method also can be used to sync the swinging of your wedge with the rotation of your body? That harmony is key to hitting these shots a predictable distance.

The club and your upper body should be moving at roughly the same speed as you swing through. By placing your non-dominant hand on your chest as a reminder like I am here, you’ll soon get a feel for the proper blending of arm swing and body turn for these short shots.

Neither the club nor the body should outrace the other. If they move at a smooth-and-accelerating pace, you’ll gain more control of the ball around the greens. —WITH RON KASPRISKE

Editor's Note: This tip first appeared in Issue 8 of Golf Digest.