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Zach LaVine would have won the NBA Dunk Contest by just attempting this absurd dunk

February 14, 2020

Sadly, Zach LaVine will not be competing in Saturday's NBA Dunk Contest. Sadly, for basketball fans, that is. It's definitely good news for the four who are in it, because they wouldn't have had a chance.

Remember when dunks from the free-throw line were cool? Well, LaVine is close to making those seem quaint by comparison. Check out the Chicago Bulls star nearly pulling off a 360-degree dunk from the free-throw line during a recent practice:

Seriously, WTF?! Yes, he missed, but just the attempt would have ended the Dunk Contest. The 2015 and 2016 champ is on another level.

But wait, there's more!


So why isn't LaVine competing against the likes of Aaron Gordon, Derrick Jones Jr., Pat Connaughton, and Dwight Howard? According to him, it's because he wasn't selected to play in the All-Star Game.

“If I would’ve made it, I would’ve did it for y’all, man,” LaVine told Heavy. “But I just don’t—I don’t got it in me. If I would have made it, I would’ve made it even then. It’s not like I really wanted to. I would have just put on for my city. You know it’s in Chicago, and I don’t need a lot to prove about the Dunk Contest."

No, you don't, Zach. But like you said, it's in Chicago! Where you play! And you're already showing up to do the 3-point Contest! So you not competing in both makes no sense.

Anyway, I hate to say I'm rooting for one of the four competitors to get injured or sick, but. . . at least, if they do, the perfect replacement will be right there.