Zach Johnson can't stop, won't stop accidentally hitting golf balls off the tee

February 11, 2022

Zach Johnson is a two-time major champion, a 12-time PGA Tour winner and a likely future Hall-of-Famer. He also might just be the GOAT when it comes to one of the most amateurish bloopers a golfer can make.

Johnson may have won the 2007 Masters, but it was a different moment at Augusta National in 2019 that caused him to go completely viral. While on the tee box at the iconic par-5 13th hole during the second round that year, Johnson took a practice swing and accidentally hit his golf ball, causing it to ricochet off a tee marker. Here it is, in case you don't remember:

Well, would you believe it, but ZJ did something similar during the second round of the 2022 WM Phoenix Open on Friday. This time, he looked like he was loosening up when he knocked his ball off the tee. Again. Check it out:

Pros are just like us! How 'bout that?! And how about the fact that both times, Johnson's ball wound up staying on the tee box. Having to walk any farther would have been extra embarrassing.

And if you're wondering because some obnoxious guy you always play with yells, "That's 1!" when that happens, well, that's not one. Because he didn't intentionally hit the ball, Johnson, who wound up making the cut at three under par, was able to re-tee with no penalty.

So don't be that person who yells that. And don't take your eye off Johnson if you happen to follow him at a tournament. The dude is a menace.