Charles Schwab Challenge

Colonial Country Club

The Loop

Zach and Bob

April 10, 2007




"Why would you ever root for your opponent? You're trying to beat the guy."

-- Bob Goalby



Is it just me or does Zach Johnson look a lot like another Masters winner, Bob Goalby? Both Midwesterners--Goalby from Illinois, Johnson from Iowa-- they share a groundedness and toughness, too, though Zach has that sweet exterior. (Nobody will ever accuse Goalby of being sweet.) Goalby won five times prior to his Masters victory in '68, three times after. He had seven top 10s in majors without ever playing the British Open, including seconds at the 1961 U.S. Open and 1962 PGA Championship. The Masters was his only major win. And with all the talk about how tough Augusta was playing this past weekend, note that Goalby hit 3-iron into 15 on Sunday in '68 and eagled the hole. He finished at 277. Goalby earned $116,225 in his years at the Masters, giving Johnson a slight leg up in that department. He won $1.3 million.

-- Bob Carney

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