You've never seen a PGA Tour pro more concerned about a tee than Ben Crane on this hole-in-one

August 21, 2017

The final round of the Wyndham Championship produced three holes-in-one, most notably, Martin Flores' ace that wound up saving his job on the PGA Tour for next season. But Ben Crane's was noteworthy as well for his reaction. Let's just say you've probably never seen a tour pro so concerned about a tee.

Almost as soon as Crane hits his shot, he begins a frantic and ultimately successful search to find the small piece of wood. Or maybe it was one of those plastic tees. Those are nice. Anyway, imagine being so used to hitting perfectly struck shots that you don't even care that much about watching where they end up? Check it out:

Of course, Crane cared once his ball disappeared into the hole and he even gave us a great celebration that included tossing his club and mugging for the camera. But again, it was his initial reaction that caught our attention. After, Crane explained why he was so concerned about his tee:

Good for you, Ben.