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Your 2018 golf horoscope

February 16, 2018

Illustration by Christian Northeast

ARIES • 3/21-4/19
Your natural optimism and fearlessness make you a fit leader in team scrambles. Careful not to sabotage your tee-off order and shot-selection strategies by overdoing it at the beverage cart.

TAURUS • 4/20-5/20
Steady and patient, you refuse to be goaded by sucker flags, which leads to wins. But trivial complications, like a rain delay or playing through, upend your tempo. Never check your email on the course.

GEMINI • 5/21-6/20
You know how to enjoy life's riches. Others leave the course smiling in no small part because of you. Yet your wells of charm have a bottom. Try offering to cover the guest fee once in a while.

CANCER • 6/21-7/22
You're a quiet competitor, your heart set not so much in the winning but the trying. Though you're intensely loyal to those in your golf life, extending this emotion to inanimate objects is sick. It's time to buy new golf shoes.

LEO • 7/23-8/22
Your emotions are visible to all, and there's genius in how you harness blunt honesty to make a complex game simpler. But you need to apologize to the group in front right now.

VIRGO • 8/23-9/22
If only everyone repaired divots and pitch marks as lovingly. But your attention to detail leads to short-sighted thinking. It's the numbers on the scorecard, not the launch monitor, that matter.

LIBRA • 9/23-10/22
Your harmonious nature means inter-foursome scuffles seldom escalate under your watch. But people are noticing how you play both sides. Ditching your regular game for a better offer last Saturday wasn't cool.

SCORPIO • 10/23-11/21
You're a shrewd negotiator of handicap strokes. Are your personal relationships being affected by this success-at-all-costs attitude? Notice the tepis effort others give looking for your lost balls.

SAGITTARIUS • 11/22-12/21
Lucky breaks—an opponent three-putting, a kind cartpath bounce, that ranger you don't like moving to The Villages—are coming your way. Don't squander them by betting like a wimp.

CAPRICORN • 12/22-1/19
Because you see the beauty in what others dismiss as craven consistency, you can have a game plan and stick to it. But hit, already. This isn't the U.S. Open, bub.

AQUARIUS • 1/20-2/18
Regardless of skill level, you understand that a central essence of golf is to give back. Try directing this more toward charities and children, and less to the pond on 18.

PISCES • 2/19-3/20
You know when your partner needs a kind word and when to keep quiet. This intuition for human emotion is wasted at work. Is this the year you quit the desk job, start caddieing and reassess?