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You won't believe how different Augusta National's iconic 12th hole looks in this old photo

November 27, 2017

Arguably golf's most famous -- and most beautiful -- hole, it might surprise many to know that Augusta National's 12th wasn't always so pristine. David Poulton, a European-based head pro whose Twitter feed is a gold mine of old photos, shared this throwback pic of the iconic par 3 from 65 years ago. And it looks juuuuust a bit different.

Of course, no black-and-white photo is going to show off the famed spot as much as CBS' HD cameras do every April, but still. That scraggly rough? That eyesore of a hazard line? And where are all the azaleas?

Also, is that a chain-link fence in plain sight?! At Augusta National?! The horror!

Actually, more of that area behind the 12th green has been rumored to have been bought by the club earlier this year in order to tweak the 13th hole. The thought is that the club wants to lengthen the par 5, which has become particularly easy in recent years. However, there has been no talk of bringing back that visible chain-link fence.