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Yasiel Puig mimics breakout batting stance of Little League World Series in actual MLB game

August 19, 2019

If you weren't mainlining the knock-down, drag-out dog fight known as the Little League World Series this weekend, you missed A LOT. Sunday night featured the Little League Classic, in which Anthony Rizzo took the iconic cardboard box plunge, Chris Archer chatted it up with some impressively mulleted young flamethrower, and a bunch of 13-year-olds teased one of the finest closers of his generation. But the real highlight of the weekend was a Venezuelan slugger named Deivis Ordoñez, who debuted the single greatest batting stance since Jeff Bagwell on Saturday afternoon, becoming a viral baseball phenomenon in the process. Take it away, kid.

If you think that's great, however, just wait until you see what Yasiel Puig did on Sunday, taking Ordoñez's signature move to the majors during an actual at bat against the Yankees:

The last time we saw Yasiel Puig, he was conking Pirates' heads together like coconuts while on his way out of Cincinnati, but it's good to see his fun-loving side wasn't snuffed out by the eternally cutthroat NL Central. As the ESPN social aces also note, Yasiel must also be jamming on some LLWS when he's off-duty, which is both charming and a testament to the fact these dudes truly do live, breath, eat, and, well, you know, baseball.

Venezuela take on Mexico at 3 p.m. on Monday afternoon while the Indians have an off day, so if you're wondering what Yasiel is up to this afternoon, we're guessing nachos, the clicker, and some random town in the middle of Pennsylvania are heavily involved.