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World's most childish ref literally turns his back on UNC guard Joel Berry

Officials get a pretty bad rap in every sport, especially with the overuse of replay, which has only made things infinitely worse, and their jobs infinitely harder. They can be difficult to defend at times, but not all of the criticism is warranted. Unless of course, one of them pulls a stunt like one we saw Wednesday in the Florida State vs. North Carolina game.

Late in the second half the Tar Heels trailed the 'Noles by three points and began a fast break, but it was halted by what appeared to be a bad pass to UNC guard Joel Berry. After watching the video, you'll see Berry never even had a chance to get to the pass because he was clearly being held by an FSU defender. When Berry went to discuss the missed call with official Ted Valentine, he was met with something usually only seen in a one-on-one game between two brothers both under the age of 10:

Valentine, affectionately known as "TV Teddy", literally turns his back on Berry because he clearly missed a call. Are we children? What a joke. Guess it's not too surprising considering Valentine's past history:

Nothing like buying a ticket to a big time game to see the officials work their magic.