World Series hero Brett Phillips has an unbelievably funny laugh

One of the most beautiful things about postseason baseball is that it often makes heroes out of the most unlikely of characters. The ending of Game 4 of the World Series between the Tampa Bay Rays and the L.A. Dodgers, one of the wildest Fall Classic games in recent memory, did exactly that. 

With two outs, two runners on and a one-rune deficit in the bottom of the ninth, Rays manager Kevin Cash called on utilty player Brett Phillips to pinch hit for first baseman Ji-Man Choi. Prior to Saturday night, Phillips had just two at-bats this postseason, going 0-for-2 with a strikeout. He batted under .200 this past season, with just two homers and five RBIs. Why Cash picled arguably his worst hitter in the biggest spot in the franchise's existence was a mystery... at first. 

It proved to be a stroke of genius, with Phillips ripping a single in between the shift and knocking in the tying run, as well as the winning run. It will go down as an all-time great finish to a World Series game: 

Pure insanity. Phillips, previously unknown to anyone who isn't a diehard Rays fan, which is a total of three people including Dick Vitale, will now be remembered as a World Series hero, especially if the Rays go on to win. Baseball be like that. 

Naturally, folks started digging up all the old Brett Phillips content they could find during his moment of glory. One thing that is beginning to stand out is Phillips' laugh, which is one of the more unbelievably funny things you will ever hear. Here's Phillips listening to "mom jokes" from Brewers teammate Will Smith a few years ago and laughing so hard he almost loses his breath: 

This man sounds like a damn Pterodactyl. What a ridiculous laugh. Here's another glimpse of this donkey laugh from some sort of zoom call we have to assume occurred during lockdown when Phillips was still on the Kansas City Royals:

A truly incredible laugh. A heroic laugh, some would say. Phillips also gives an A+ postgame interview: 

Here I am, talking to the boys. What a line. What a legend. Brett Phillips, ladies and gentlemen.