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World No. 1 golfer Brooks Koepka proves he's also the World No. 1 company man

With one photo of all four of his major trophies, Brooks Koepka effectively ended his beef with Bryson DeChambeau. Nothing more needed to be said, but the World No. 1 had to expect that he'd be asked about Bryson again at some point in 2020.

Koepka was asked about the Mad Scientist this week in an interview with For The Win's Charle Curtis, which can be read here. The Q&A is mostly focused on Kobe Bryant, who Koepka, despite never meeting, has always looked up to and modeled his golf career after. The four-time major champ's appearance in a Michelob Ultra Super Bowl ad was also among the topics discussed.

Finally, Curtis brought up the recent back-and-forth between Bryson and Brooks, asking Koepka if it was all in good fun. Here's how Koepka responded:

World No. 1 golfer. Also World No. 1 company man. This quote is music to Mich Ultra's ears. It's also reminiscent of one of the great, unintentionally hilarious radio interviews of all time, featuring former New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey and Dan Patrick. If you've never seen it, try to carve out nine minutes today to give it a watch. The awkward tension is absolutely delicious:

Today, we're honoring Qualcomm. Tomorrow, Mich Ultra. Great brands, even better pitchmen.