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World Long Drive champ Kyle Berkshire is also a world-class trick shot artist

January 08, 2020

Kyle Berkshire has said he originally got into long drive competitions to help his golf game. The thinking was that success at launching a golf ball would give him confidence, and eventually translate into success when he returned to the golf course. But if the reigning World Long Drive champ is looking for a second career in golf, he may have found a different option: trick shots.

Of course, one could argue that being able to hit a golf ball as far as Berkshire does is a trick shot in itself. But Berkshire has been spending his offseason building quite the portfolio of more creative swings. Check out this flop shot:

And this ridiculously spinning bunker shot:

This even more ridiculous chip shot off a frozen lake:

These Tiger-esque escape shots:

This Aaron Judge-esque baseball shot:

And finally, using his putter as a driver—and breaking it:

OK, maybe he should stick to his day job.