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Woof, this Olympic biathlete jabbed a ski pole through his calf during a training accident

August 03, 2018

Want to see something gross? Like really gross? Well, you came to the right place, because this is the place where we show you Olympic biathlete Peppe Femling—part of Sweden's 2018 gold medal relay team—with a ski pole turning his right calf into a shish-kebab. If you're slightly squeamish, had a few too many drinks last night, or are pregnant, this is where you might want to look away:


The accident occurred while Femling was training for a roller-ski competition in Norway, and was forced to dive out of the way of an oncoming car. Per reports, the pole completely pierced his calf and was sticking out OVER THREE FEET on the other side of the puncture. Femling was airlifted to a local hospital where the pole was removed. Thankfully Femling seemed to be in good spirits pre-surgery, indicating that he sustained no significant damage in the freak accident (at least according to Google translator and that doggy face filter):

Now go get some fresh air and a ginger ale or something.