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9 woman-owned businesses to support this Women's History Month

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March 16, 2022

It can be a seemingly impossible task to find well-fitting and stylish golf clothing options as a female golfer. Many women have the impression that golf apparel tends to be on the stuffier side—stiff collars, restrictive fabrics, unflattering cuts—but as the game continues to evolve and modernize, there are more appealing clothing and accessory options for women than ever before. And who knows the female body better than female golfers themselves? This Women’s History Month, check out some of our favorite female-owned and founded brands golfers should know about. From feminine silhouettes to upscale stretch fabrics, these pieces are made with the modern female golfer in mind. Whether you’re looking for a golf dress that can perfectly transition to dinner time or a sleek pair of leggings with pockets for your next range session, shopping at woman-owned businesses is always worth it.
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Foray Golf

Foray Golf, founded by former Victoria’s Secret executive Meghan LaMothe, offers feminine golf clothing options with premium fabrics and fun patterns. LaMothe’s designs are fashion forward, but they also keep the practical needs of female golfers in mind: The simplest details, such as ample pockets in the right places, demonstrate this awareness. The brand—which launched its golf line in 2017—just released a women’s activewear collection that emphasizes a combination of comfort, utility, and style.  

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Foray Sleeveless Long Jumpsuit
$200 | Foray Golf
Foray Floral Chevron Skirt
$160 | Foray Golf
Foray V-Neck Henley Short Sleeve Polo
$125 | Foray Golf

Addison Bay

This activewear company prioritizes designs for women on the go. Founder, Marguerite Adzick—a former college athlete who has worked in the fashion industry for years—recognized a need in the market for functional, yet stylish athletic wear. The brand is meant to be worn by all generations of women: The preppy, but sporty designs are fitting for the golf course, the gym, and everywhere in between. 


Addison Bay Filbert Quarter Zip
$148 | Addison Bay
Addison Bay Court Skort
$104 | Addison Bay
Addison Bay Ocean Reef Dress
$128 | Addison Bay


Hedge, founded by avid golf and tennis fans Meagan Ouderkirk and Antonio DiPaolo, aims to bring an old school elegance back to modern golf and tennis apparel—without the stuffiness. The brand’s sleek vintage-inspired dresses, skirts, and polos are designed to be versatile and performance-ready. Pieces transition seamlessly from golf and tennis to dinner or events and always feel comfortable, put together, and feminine.
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Hedge Antonia Knit Polo
$225 | Hedge
Hedge Meade Mini Skirt
$135 | Hedge
Hedge Kendall Short-Sleeve Dress
$195 | Hedge

Mumford Golf

Calla Mumford launched her first collection in March 2022 after picking up the game during the pandemic only to find a major absence of appealing golf apparel options, especially for those new to the scene. Soon after this realization, Mumford set out to build a brand that gives women timeless and effortlessly cool options for both golf and non-golf settings. Mumford Golf’s designs are meant to be transitional — she wants female golfers to be able to wear her pieces without thinking they're in "golf clothes." Plus, the collection is great for all body types.
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Mumford Performance Dress
$278 | Mumford Golf
Mumford Tech Pointed Collar Polo
$162 | Mumford Golf
Mumford Scalloped Performance Skort
$181 | Mumford Golf

Ame & Lulu

In 2003, Amye Kurson launched Ame & Lulu when she noticed a gap in well-designed but trendy golf and tennis accessories. The company has developed into a lifestyle brand which promotes a classic, colorful, and feminine approach to everyday must-haves for active women. From shoe bags to head covers, Ame & Lulu carries a variety of practical, yet stylish accessories golfers will appreciate.

Ame & Lulu Hamptons Shoe Bag
$44 | Ame & Lulu
Ame & Lulu Head in the Game Visor
$32 | Ame & Lulu
Ame & Lulu 3 Zip Carry All
$28 | Ame&Lulu


Joanne Cloak started her golf apparel company, JoFit, to empower women with confidence both on and off the course. Not only did she set out to create well-fitting golf clothes for every female golfer’s needs, she wanted to make a difference in a historically male-dominated sport. Despite warnings from colleagues and friends about the challenges of entering the apparel industry, Cloak successfully created a golf brand that encourages women to push the boundaries of the game with bold and cheerful designs.


JoFit UV Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
$84 | JoFit
JoFit Signature Skort 15.5"
$98 | JoFit
JoFit Posh Jacket MNP
$120 | JoFit

Scratch 70

Erica Hyman originally founded this small business to create sporty yet elegant golf dresses. Since Hyman started the brand, Scratch 70 has expanded and offers separates that appeal to all body types. The brand uses colorful palettes that allow for mixing and matching. Stripe details, the occasional pleat, and feminine patterns give Scratch 70's pieces a fun, yet classic look. 


Scratch 70 Jennifer Skort
$86 | Scratch 70
Scratch 70 Shannon Long Sleeve
$78 | Scratch 70
Scratch 70 Erin Sleeveless
$70 | Scratch 70


As a sustainable black-female owned athleisurewear brand, SheWarrior strives to inspire every woman’s inner creative and competitive spirit. Founder Natlyn Jones, wife of boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. and mother of three, started SheWarrior with boxing values in mind. After two years of fight training, SheWarrior was born from Jones' appreciation for the discipline and dedication required to box. SheWarrior’s colorful and patterned activewear sets will brighten up your next gym or range session without sacrificing comfort or quality performance elements. 
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SheWarrior Dream Chaser Tie-Dye Legging
$85 | SheWarrior
SheWarrior Dream Chaser Tie-Dye Crop Tee
$59 | SheWarrior
SheWarrior Dream Chaser Tie-Dye Sports Bra
$65 | SheWarrior

Inside Story Golf

This golf sock company was founded by former UC Riverside golfer Isabelle Shee. As a junior golfer, Shee was known as the “sock girl,” and decided to transform her nickname into an entrepreneurial venture. Inside Story now offers dozens of 80’s inspired socks, which are sustainably made from recycled plastic and coffee grounds. 


Inside Story Comfort Golf Calf Sock 4-Pack
$70 | Inside Story
Inside Story USA Comfort Golf Calf 4-Pack
$70 | Inside Story
Inside Story Spring Blue Tie Dye Calf Golf Sock
$18 | Inside Story