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Wilson Fit AI accelerates the fitting process via Blast Motion sensors

December 29, 2023

It’s a near certainty that fitting benefits all golfers. It’s almost as much of a near certainty, however, that the process of club-fitting requires a time commitment. But technology is doing its part to make the path to your potential a little shorter.

We’ve seen great strides made in streamlining the club-fitting process over the years from both the equipment and the club-fitting industries. Notable examples include Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizer 3D, the Ballnamic golf ball selector from the engineering minds at Ping, the Titleist wedge-fitting app and Club Champion’s A.I.-driven Co-Pilot.

Now, Wilson is joining forces with the motion-capture analytics of Blast Motion to expedite fitting for its line of irons. Under the new Wilson Fit AI program, a demo fitting 7-iron uses a Blast Motion sensor in the grip to capture approximately 12,000 data points per swing. The sensors use a combination of accelerometers and gyro, and the data then is processed through software developed by Wilson’s engineering team to recommend a specific iron model and specs in the company’s lineup in as few as five swings. The recommendation is based on swing plane, shaft load, wrist hinge, club-face closure and swing tempo.


The system also was developed with machine learning, which means every Wilson Fit AI session will be uploaded to the algorithm, theoretically improving future fitting sessions. The data from the five swings, along with a player interview on head shape preferences and scoring goals, helps to fuel the recommendation.

“The team at Wilson is thrilled to bring Wilson Fit AI to market, and, simply put, this is the future of golf fitting,” said Bob Thurman, global vice president of research & development at Wilson and general manager of Wilson Golf. “It will only take a few swings to understand a golfer’s swing profile allowing us to recommend the perfect set of Wilson customized irons, along with the ideal head model, shaft type and grip for each golf club.”

Wilson Fit AI will be available beginning Jan. 17.