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Will Zalatoris says he updated his resume and made a LinkedIn while recovering from eight-month back injury

November 28, 2023

Tracy Wilcox

After months of rumors, whispers and hearsay, dear old “recession” might finally be here. The fires are starting to outnumber the hires and it seems like everybody you know knows somebody who just got laid off. That means the job market is about to get VERY competitive, but we have a sliver of good news:

You won’t be competing with Will Zalatoris for that open position anytime soon.

The three-time major runner-up is officially back on the job this week after a microdisectomy sidelined him for nearly eight months. Things weren’t always so certain, however, as evidenced by Zalatoris’ comments at the Hero World Challenge on Tuesday. There he told reporters that he not only went back to school during his lengthy layoff, but even updated his resume and made a LinkedIn account.

“It was pretty funny taking some elective classes,” Zalatoris said when asked about his academic detour this summer. “All the kids were 18, 19 in the summers and I'm 27 and I'm writing my resume for work and, you know, [making] a LinkedIn account and whatnot. There were some pretty funny aspects in there.”

Funny is one way to look at it. Zalatoris didn’t elaborate on whether his job application materials were part of an elective requirement or driven by concerns about his future as a professional golfer, but it doesn’t take an English major to read between the lines. The thought crossed his mind, at least once or twice.

Thankfully Zalatoris is feeling better and ready to make the second biggest comeback of the week. That's great news not just for him, but all of us plebes in the workforce.