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Will PETA interrupt the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest? That and the rest of our favorite prop bets

2018 Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest

Steven Ferdman

In a disturbing turn of events, New Jersey, one of the first states to join Nevada last year in legalizing sports betting, nixed betting on this year's Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this was America? Izzn't this Amurrica?

As disappointed as I am in my home state, it's not the end of the world given the fact that there is a plethora of illegal options for not only N.J. but the rest of the country when it comes to prop bets for the Hot Dog Eating Contest. Because there is nothing more American than opening your laptop, quickly finding an offshore site, inputting your credit card info on it and willingly choosing to sit inside on the Fourth of July to watch people shove pork down their gullets while losing money on it. USA! USA!

With that in mind, we found our favorite prop bets for the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on Bovada, and boy are there some gems. Below you'll find them with current odds and our picks, which will incorporate zero actual handicapping because it's a freaking Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Will A Contestant Be Interrupted By PETA During The Contest?

Yes +700

No -1600

You think the fine folks at PETA have anything better to do than cause a ruckus on the Fourth of July? Take a flier on yes and pray for chaos, just like there was in 2016.

Will There Be A Recount?

Yes -370

No +235

These odds lead me to believe there is always a recount, which sounds correct given what a mess is made up on that table. I do not envy the person who has to actually keep track of all that. The pick is YES.

Women's Championship - Total Hot Dogs Eaten By Winner?

Over 40.5 +170

Under 40.5 -250

Miki Sudo has won the Women's event five consecutive times, and during that span has eclipsed 40.5 dogs just once (41 in 2017). As a -1600 favorite, she may already have this thing in the bag before she even reaches 40, so unless she's gunning for history (45 is the highest total for the women), I'd lean under.

Total Hot Dogs Eaten By Joey Chestnut At The Halfway Mark (5 Min.)

Over 45.5 -105

Under 45.5 -135

Last year, Chestnut set the world record with 74 and looked to be in PAIN at the halfway mark, when he had just downed his 38th dog. That 45.5 number seems astronomically high and physically impossible. Under it is.

Total Hot Dogs Eaten By Joey Chestnut In The First Minute

Over 9.5 -165

Under 9.5 +125

Have to imagine he comes strong out of the gates and gets those first 10 down in a blink, and then it gets tougher as it goes. This is an easy over and one you can celebrate before you even finish your first hot dog of the afternoon.

Men's - Total Hot Dogs Eaten By Winner

Over 73.5 -120

Under 73.5 -120

Ever since Matt Stonie put an end to Joey Chestnut's eight-year winning streak in 2015, Chestnut has only gotten stronger by the year. He set the world record with 70 in 2016, then broke it in 2017 with 72 and broke it again last year with 74. Can he somehow pull off the impossible again? I say no, that number is too high. Under.

Head To Head Winner (Spread)

Joey Chestnut -10.5, -115

Carmen Cincotti +10.5, -125

Oh yes, there are apparently spreads at the Hot Dog Eating Contest, and who doesn't love a good underDOG? Cincotti had 64 last year, 10 shy of Chestnut. I'll take him and the points, er, the dogs.