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Why We Play Golf

January 07, 2008

Nice letter from New Jersey reader Bruce Ford, who played in the Cleveland Golf father-and-son event on Monterey Peninsula. In the why-we-play department:


Arriving the day after Christmas, then starting play on the 27th, the three-day 54 hole event was outstanding. The tournament starts with the Bayonet on the first day, The Links at Spanish Bay on day two, and finishes the last 18 at Pebble Beach Golf Links. My son and I have played golf together over the past twenty years at some really great courses from coast to coast but Pebble Beach was special. I've always wanted to play Pebble Beach, but to play it with my son as my tournament partner made my heart swell beyond my dreams. Our wives kept the 2 1/2 year old grandson in tow while we played, but before we teed off on No. 1 we all enjoyed the pleasure of watching my son walking with my grandson to the practice green. The day we left we spent time overlooking the 18th green, letting the grandson romp, taking pictures, and watching the waves crashing from the sea below. As I watched my family I wished to myself that I can play it again with both of them someday. A beautiful and loving wife (grandma), three glorious days of golf with my son, evenings by the fireplace in our room at the lodge with echoes of "Grandma & Grandpa" from every corner, and a beautiful daughter-in-law that lovingly let me just enjoy my boys. What else could any man want for Christmas?

What else, indeed.

--Bob Carney

(Photo: Bayonetblackhorse.com)