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Why PGA Tour winners will receive bigger payouts thanks to proposed new rule

May 24, 2019

Ben Jared

The PGA Tour appears likely to amend its cut policy ahead of next season. But while the proposed change would have a bigger impact on how many players make it to the weekend, it will also affect how much prize money the winners take home.

Golf Channel's Rex Hoggard reported on Friday that the tour is poised to lower the amount of players making the cut at regular events from the top 70 and ties to the top 65 and ties. As a compromise with tour pros, the unpopular secondary cut will also be eliminated.

But with fewer people making the cut each week, that means more prize money to be distributed to those who do. According to Hoggard, the Player Advisory Council chose to allocate a higher percentage to winners (20 percent instead of the current 18 percent) rather than spread it among a bigger number of golfers.

Hoggard also reported the tour's policy board approved the new measure and asked the Players Advisory Council to review it. The PAC agreed to support the change after meeting earlier this month during the Wells Fargo Championship.

The secondary cut, which happens after the third round, has existed since 2008 and comes into effect when 78 or more players make the weekend. Players who don't advance to Sunday still get a check and credit for making the cut.

Final approval for the changes will likely occur at next month's policy board meeting during the Travelers Championship, according to Hoggard. If the changes are upheld, they would go into effect before the start of the 2019-2020 season this fall.