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Who in the world is buying this hideous hot dog sofa at Neiman Marcus for $7,100?!

September 12, 2019

On the list of ridiculously dumb potential purchases, we didn't think anything could top Gucci selling a pair of purposely dirtied sneakers for nearly $1,000. Well, we were wrong.

Introducing the hot dog sofa currently being sold by Neiman Marcus, which, not surprisingly, also sells those stupid Gucci shoes. And this one takes the ketchup for two reasons. For one thing, the hideous creation costs $7,100. For another, at least with the shoes, someone could be talked into buying a pair because probably somewhere "all the cool kids are wearing dirty sneakers." Let us assure you, though, that no one cool has this stupid hot dog sofa in their house.

What a time to be alive, indeed. Look, I love a good hot dog, especially one that comes with a soda for $1.50 (Costco!), but having a giant fabric one on display and sitting on it? Wouldn't that just make you hungry all the time? What's next? A hamburger bed? A taco table? Wait, I shouldn't be saying these ideas out loud because Neiman Marcus might pay me good money for them!

But wait, is this some sort of April Fool's Day joke? Nope, it's September 12. Hmm. Is there a new thing call September Dope's Day? Not that we're aware of. . . So seriously, is this a real thing being sold by Neiman Marcus? We looked it up. . . and. . . yes! It is a real thing! Here's proof:


And here's another photo taken from the bun side (At least they went with sesame and with mustard on the dog):


And here's a photo of the hot dog minus the tomato(?) and cucumber? Or is that a lime? I'm told by a New Jersey co-worker that squeezing lime juice on a hot dog is a thing? Man, there are some sick people out there.


But no one is sicker than someone who actually spends $7,100 plus $295 shipping on this monstrosity. Unless, of course, they plan on using it for bonfire kindling.