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Extremely cocky Wheel of Fortune contestant claims he's made 14 (!!) holes-in-one, Pat Sajak aghast

Generally speaking, if somebody is constantly talking about how good they are at golf, it's a telltale sign that they are not. Unless that person is Phil Mickelson, of course.

Dan Finnerty, a caddie from Los Angeles, will not be confused for Phil Mickelson any time soon. But for some reason, we believed him when he told us on Wheel of Fortune that he's a "stick golfer." After host Pat Sajak introduced him, he read off a note that said Finnerty has had a few holes-in-one in his lifetime. Fourteen, to be exact, as Finnerty hilariously explained once Sajak teed him up, no pun intended:

It's actually "grip and rip it," Dan, but we'll let it slide since you followed it up with "throw some tour sauce on it." That indicates this man is no casual golfer. He's basically a stick. 

"Wow, and you're pretty full of yourself, too," Sajak responds. "I know you're sort of kidding." Sort of is right. Fourteen aces ain't nothing to scoff at if Finnerty is in fact telling the truth. I'm sure there are some fellow L.A. caddies who have crossed paths with Finnerty who can confirm or deny if he's telling the truth. Like we said earlier, though, we're choosing to believe it.