Mexico Open at Vidanta

Vidanta Vallarta


What To Do On The Green

April 13, 2016

Getting to the dance floor can be the most exciting part of the game. When you get to the shortest grass on the course, you’re ready to use the putter to send the ball into the hole. Knowing some basic etiquette will help keep you on target and out of other players’ way.

What You Need To Know
• The rules are different once you get on the green. It’s the only place where you can pick up your ball without a penalty.
• To mark your ball, place a coin right behind it and lift the ball to clean it (and to stay out of the way of other people putting).
• The player farthest from the hole putts first, and if that isn’t you, spend your waiting time looking for slopes that will affect your putt. And if you putt it up within two feet? It’s a gimme. Pick it up.