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What Avengers: Infinity War’s $640-million-dollar opening weekend will buy you in the sports world

May 1, 2018
Avengers: Infinity Sport

It's official. Avengers: Infinity War—the penultimate chapter in Marvel's now decade-plus superhero saga—is a hit. Actually that's understating it a bit. It's the biggest opening weekend film in the history of films and weekends, racking up $258 million domestically and another $382 million worldwide for an astounding $640-million-dollar debut. Before the film eclipses a billion (sometime on Friday, according to eye-popping projections), we decided to take a look at what that tidy weekend sum will buy you in the weird, wild, obscenely expensive world of sports. Grab your black card and join us:

  • Kirk Cousins as your starting quarterback until the age of 52

  • Federer + Nadal + Djokovic's prize money x 2

  • Bryce Harper 2K19 and A-Rod in his prime batting 2-3 in the same lineup

  • Neymar cubed

  • 32,000 pairs of the Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan 4 Retros Jimmy Butler wore while torching the Bulls for 38

  • The Washington Capitals (don’t worry, they throw in the playoff curse for free)

  • A 67-car garage...filled with F1 cars

  • The Columbus Crew, Colorado Rapids, Vancouver Whitecaps, and Real Salt Lake all at once

  • 15 more years of Roger Goodell

  • 1,280,000 rounds at Pebble Beach (or just this)

  • 16 replicas of the Jerry World scoreboard, one for every bathroom in your Tuscan palazzo