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Weed expert recommends different types of pot for different times in your round

May 08, 2014

Justin Hartfield plays a lot of golf, and when he does, he's almost invariably high.

He's the Southern California-based CEO of Weedmaps, an outfit we described as a Yelp! for pot in our recent golf-and-marijuana feature, "Where There's Smoke."


Hartfield has a state-issued medical marijuana card, so he can get stoned legally. Although smoking marijuana in public is forbidden, he says he's never been hassled about it on the course. "Especially at these Southern California courses where you don't see the group in frontof you or the group behind you, a lot of guys will pull out a bong or a joint and no one is the wiser," Hartfield says.

Below, Hartfield offers some thoughts on the different types of marijuana and how he likes to use them during a round.

Note: If you're opposed to marijuana use or offended by people who smoke it, this would probably be a good place to stop reading.

"Different strains of marijuana will have different effects on you. Indica strains will have kind of a body high' effect, while a sativa will be more like a head high.'

"So there's different types of weed for different times in the round. If I had my druthers, I'd start with a strain that was very high in THC-v. For me, that's really energetic and really gets me going and excited on the first couple of holes. There's no sort of lethargy or anything like that. It's like the perfect, ultimate, morning, no-comedown kind of high. A strain that's high in THC-v is called Green Crack.*

*"Around the fifth or sixth hole, I like to move to a high-THC sativa. Maybe something like a Tangie, which is a tangerine-smelling [strain], a really delicious kind of flower. Or maybe I'll move to a haze, like a Lemon Haze.

"Maybe on the 13th or 14th hole, I'll have a hybrid. I'll have something that's going to hit me in the head and that's also going to affect my body, making it looser. A hybrid could be like a God's Gift or Skywalker OG or something like that.*

**"And then maybe at the end of the round, that's where I'll switch to indica only. You want your body to relax. You don't want to have too much pressure going into the 17th and 18th holes. Maybe I'll have a dab of CBD (cannabidiol). That's the stuff that doesn't get you high, but it has a really nice body effect. If my back hurts a bit during the round, I might have a dab of the indica and then a second dab of the CBD back-to-back: one for the head and one for the *body."