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We Need Your Help Finding America's Best Clubfitters

April 20, 2018
A clubfitting

Courtesy of Club Champion

If you've been heeding the advice of our equipment editors, you've most certainly been fit for your clubs, ideally by one of the best clubfitters in your area. It has been the long held opinion of not just us but every corner of the industry that dialing in your specs is the surest way not only toward increased consistency but tangible and often immediate improvements in distance, accuracy and most importantly, your score.

It's in that light that Golf Digest once again is planning to rank America's 100 Best Clubfitters later this fall. This will mark our fifth ranking since 2011, and we are seeking your input for the best facilities to visit for a club fitting.  Here is the current list to help jog your memory, but we're sure there might be some facilities we've left out that we should be considering.

For those of you who have been fit, was your fitter awesome? Has he or she helped get you into a set of clubs that has changed your game—for the better? We want to know about it.  Please send us your nominations and stories via email ( by June 1. We need the name of the fitting center (we rank the facility, not the individual), where it's located, and a link to the fitting location's website. Keep in mind, we only accept nominations for facilities that carry a range of major manufacturers and that are accessible to the public.

Thank you in advance for your input. We're psyched to see who's helping make the golf world a better, more fitted, place.