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We came real close to a COACH FIGHT in the Florida-Vanderbilt game

This week's noon slate of college football games left a bit to be desired. Nebraska at Northwestern? Minnesota at Ohio State? Rutgers at Maryland?!?!? Hard pass. This was the weekend you made a tee time or even knocked off apple picking with the girlfriend or wife and made sure to be back on the couch for the 3:30 games. But just when you think it's going to be a snoozefest, shit usually goes down.

The shit in question is the Florida at Vanderbilt game, a matchup that not even degenerate gamblers were circling on the schedule. But things quickly got out of control when Vanderbilt went up 14-3 as a 7.5-point underdog, then rumbled, bumbled and stumbled after a Florida fumble in one of the funniest videos of the season:

Absolute sorcery for that ball to stay in bounds and for Vandy to still recover, eventually taking advantage to punch in another TD and go up 21-3. Florida finally answered with a TD of their own, and then the game got real wacky when they forced a punt on Vandy's ensuing possession right before half. On the punt return, Florida was hit with a targeting penalty when one of their players committed an illegal blindside block, injuring a Vanderbilt player in the process. Here's the best video we could find of the penalty:

Tempers began to flare at this point, and Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason, who we assume was on the field attending to his player, must have said something to the Florida sideline that irked Gators head coach Dan Mullen, who went into "Hold me back bro!!" mode. Here's the full sequence:

So, so close to a COACH FIGHT! A few more angles:

By the way, would take Derek Mason at whatever odds you want to win this tussle. Guy is a tank and would quite literally run through a brick wall if need be.

Before making his way to the locker room, Mullen caught up with ESPN's Tom Luginbill and called out the commissioner of the SEC and the SEC's head of officiating:

Have to assume Mullen is referring to the fact that the entire Vanderbilt sideline came onto the field during the heated exchange, because he can't possibly be defending his player for what was the literal definition of targeting. The second half of this game should be very interesting.