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Rutgers goes full Rutgers, allows Maryland to recover kickoff with relative ease

Though seemingly impossible, it has somehow gone from bad to worse for the Rutgers football program.

Sure, every week is a new low for the Scarlet Knights, that's what losing to Kansas and Buffalo in consecutive weeks will do to you. And though they seemed to hit true rock bottom when West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen put them six feet under with one quote a few weeks back, we can always count on Rutgers to out Rutgers themselves.

On Saturday the Scarlet Knights entered their road game against Maryland as 23-point underdogs, an amount of points the Terps have not been favored over a Power five opponent by in 15 years. But we saw why the spread was so large early and often in College Park, where Rutgers went down 7-0 early and then botched the ensuing kickoff so badly that you cannot help but just laugh at their futility:

To not even touch the ball is so embarrassing that everyone, coaches and players included, should be fired. Maryland recovers this with such ease it's as if Rutgers sent out a peewee team to field this kickoff. Just a little pooch, one hop, and boom, we're in the red zone. As I type this Maryland just scored again. Let's take a look at RRRRRRR! ... UUUUU!'s schedule the rest of the way:

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 1.21.29 PM.png

Laugh. Out. Loud. As the great Shooter McGavin once said .. "Good luck!"