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These Guys Are Good

Watch Tyrrell Hatton hit a one-yard-wide (yes, ONE yard) fairway like a total boss

January 21, 2022

By this point we're all well aware that when it comes to PGA Tour stars, these guys are good. Heck, these guys are gods. Golfing gods.

Still, they manage to amaze us with their talents on a weekly basis. And the DP World Tour has come up with yet another fun contest to emphasize this point. Introducing "The One Yard Fairway Challenge."

As you can gather from the title, the challenge is to hit a fairway that's only one yard wide. Yep, a single yard. Tyrrell Hatton, Collin Morikawa and Rory McIlroy were brave enough to attempt it. And amazingly, Hatton pulled off the trick. Check it out:

We don't care how many attempts it took, that's absolutely amazing. Not just to hit that strip of green turf, but to hold it as well. And at what looked to be about 300 yards away. Again, these guys are freaking good.

Funny enough, this video came out on the same day another video involving Hatton cursing after hitting a poor approach shot during a tournament went viral. But if he needs to be reminded tonight just how accurate he can be, he should watch this a few times in his hotel room.