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Watch this NBC cameraman show amazing reflexes to avoid getting smacked with a golf ball

September 04, 2017

TV cameramen aren’t usually in the line of fire during golf tournaments; they're often standing behind the golfers rather than out front. But when Marc Leishman was facing a nasty lie near a hazard on the 18th hole at TPC Boston during Monday’s final round of the Dell Technologies Championship, one member of the NBC crew found himself, as it turned out, a little too close for comfort.

See for yourself what happened when Leishman's shot squirted out sharply to the right.

You've got to give this cameraman, Murrill Boney, major props. First of all, he manages to stay on Leishman the entire time. Meanwhile, Boney's fancy footwork—with an unforgiving 20-pound monkey on his shoulder—didn't just keep him from potentially ruining an already disappointing finish for Leishman, who started the day tied for the lead but finished in third, four strokes back of Justin Thomas. It also kept himself from avoiding bodily harm.

Seriously, Boney could have become a punchline on "America’s Funniest Home Videos". Instead, he deserves a tryout for "Dancing with the Stars."