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Watch this kangaroo dropkick an Aussie cyclist right in the chops

February 01, 2018

Today in awesome Aussie exports (Margot Robbie, SHOUTOUT), we have this video of an unsuspecting cyclist getting obliterated by a kangaroo mid-joyride because animals, like people, are sometimes assholes for no particular reason. Drink in the brutality, you bloodthirsty monsters:

Here's the part where we say "we're glad no one was seriously hurt in the making of this hilarious viral video we encourage you to click over and over again until your eyeholes are satiated." According to The Courier-Mail, the woman in question received a few stitches to her knee and a sling for a sore shoulder from the flying roo, but had no serious injuries to report, presumably pressing an Outback sirloin to her black eye while cracking a Foster's and relaxing with a weekly viewing of Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles mere hours after her collision.

In other news, this writer has clearly never been to Australia.