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Watch the tanking Mavericks' Dennis Smith Jr. unleash dunk-of-the-season contender

April 04, 2018

The Dallas Mavericks have had a crap season. On the floor, they've been a bonafide lottery contender and off it, a PR disaster, with reports of sexual harassment, racism, and other assorted ugliness ripping through their front office like a bandsaw. There has been one glimmer of light for Mavs fans, however, and that's the emergence of Dennis Smith Jr., a rubber-legged rookie out of NC State who has lept (quite literally) into the NBA consciousness with pre-frontal lobe-detonating dunks like this ludicrous floor-bounce alley-oop he delivered to himself mid-fastbreak on Tuesday night. Buckle up:

Now, Smith has displayed plenty of incredible slammage this year. The dude was in the Dunk Contest, after all...

...but this has to be his best yet, stealing the ball, rounding the defender, and lobbing it to himself perfectly off the hardwood, all without breaking stride. So for all you Mavs fans hand-wringing over that top lottery pick, take heart: There is no known universe where Trae Young will ever, in a billion, trillion light years, be able to do what your point guard just did.