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Watch the incredible birdie that earned an amateur a spot in the U.S. Open

June 07, 2016

Sure, it's fun to track big names in U.S. Open qualifying, but the day is just as much about those golfers you've never heard of getting their crack to play on one of golf's biggest stages. Introducing Chris Crawford, an amateur who just finished his senior season at Drexel. On Monday, Crawford earned a spot in the field next week at Oakmont thanks to a birdie on his final hole. And it wasn't your typical birdie.

For starters, Crawford headed to the 18th hole at Canoe Brook's North Course after missing a three-footer for par on 17. That untimely bogey -- and a hooked tee shot on the closing hole -- could have led to his undoing, but Crawford kept grinding. After playing down the 13th fairway with an 8-iron, Crawford was left with 185-yard approach from the other hole. He found the 18th green, but still needed to make a 40-footer to qualify -- and needed to avoid a three-putt to save himself from a heartbreaking finish.

And then. . . boom. Check out the incredible clutch putt and Crawford's reaction:

"It was just an unbelievable moment," Crawford said after earning one of the six spots available for the 98 players in the field. "I'll probably get there as early as they're going to let me get out there, and enjoy the week."