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Watch Phil Mickelson make the greatest par that never counted on Riviera's par-4 10th

February 14, 2019

Phil Mickelson is on an all-time heater in the early portion of the 2019 season. In the last month alone he's won his 44th PGA Tour event, finished second in another, hit every fairway in a round for the first time in 21 years, shot a 60, pulled off this impossible recovery shot, gone viral just by rolling his eyes and said he might drop the Players from his schedule because he's already won it (a literal mic drop). The man simply cannot be stopped right now.

Leave it to the weather to literally rain on Lefty's parade. On Thursday at the Genesis Open, Mickelson began his first round at the difficult short par-4 10th and drove into one of the bunkers up near the green, leaving him with a dreaded lengthy sand shot. He wound up hitting it over the green, and his ball plugged in the back bunker, setting up an even harder shot than he just had. As you'll hear PGA Tour Live commentator Shane Bacon say, avoiding making a six was probably the goal, but after Mickelson hit his third into another bunker on the other side of the green, a six suddenly became best-case scenario. How does a four sound instead?

Find us a more Phil Mickelson par ever... you can't. He's always got a flair for the dramatic. The problem? It's not going to count, as the tour wiped scores from the first 30 minutes of play due to the weather, thus making this the greatest par that never counted. It still counts in his mind though:

Peak Phil.