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Watch Kawhi Leonard dunk the ball, then palm it before it hits the ground in this mesmerizing video

If you saw that video of Kawhi Leonard's laugh mashed up with the "NBA on NBC" theme earlier this week, chances are you replayed it over and over and over again. It was that good. Somehow, Leonard himself topped that with something he actually did on the court in the Toronto Raptors' home opener, providing by far the most mesmerizing video you'll see all week.

The play actually occurred during Toronto's 12-point win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night, and it was the dunk that drew the original praise. But on Friday, the SportsCenter Twitter account pointed out that what happened after the dunk was even more impressive. Here's the video of Leonard slamming it home, then palming the ball before it hits the ground:

Ridiculous. And he wasn't even looking at the ball when he did it. I guess it's just ... second-hand nature.

It's not too surprising though, considering the legend of Kawhi's hands continues to ... grow by the day (my goodness I'm on FIRE with these puns).

Imagine having to introduce yourself to Kawhi and shake his hand as his swallows yours? No thanks! I'd just wave at him if I ever met him with my pride and my small hands fully intact.