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Watch Jon Rahm do one heck of a Bryson DeChambeau imitation

February 02, 2017

Whether Bryson DeChambeau's single-length irons or perfectly single-plane swing becomes a golf revolution remains to be seen. In the meantime, it appears the latter is at least replicable. At least, if you're one of the best golfers in the world.

Back in September, Jon Rahm posted a video of him imitating DeChambeau's distinct swing. And boy, is it spot on. Check it out:

Now that's talent. Rahm nailed the swing and the post, right down to the #Science hashtag. The only thing missing is DeChambeau's signature Hogan cap.

Of course, we don't expect Rahm to make any drastic changes to his own swing -- or a switch to DeChambeau's side-saddle putting stroke -- following his breakthrough victory last week at Torrey Pines. But we wouldn't mind seeing him imitate other tour pros' swings. Does he take requests?