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Watch how terrifyingly close these sharks come to swimmers on Miami Beach in drone footage

November 30, 2017

OK, so it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody that sharks are dangerous. Entering the ocean brings an assumed risk, being that you're entering the home of these feared creatures. Obviously.

That being said, this drone footage of a tiger shark getting waaaaay too close to swimmers for comfort is quite frightening. As if we needed something else to fear in this world, we now have a reminder of just how menacing sharks can be.

It can't quite match the theatrical value of Sharknado and those epic battles we saw in those made-for-TV movies. But man, this is pretty wild. Can you believe how close the shark got to that guy swimming? And he had no idea. We wonder if he's watching this video, too, and saying he might not ever go in the water again like us.

Freaky stuff.