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Watch a heavyweight boxer literally walk out of the ring before fight even starts

Have you ever arrived somewhere and just straight up wanted to leave? Maybe it's your job, or your in-laws house at Christmas, or maybe it's the altar at your wedding. Whatever it is, you know you can't actually peace out, even though you'd like to.

Curtis Harper, a heavyweight boxer, lived out this fantasy on Friday night, literally walking out of the ring before his fight with 5-0 Nigerian boxer Efe Ajagba. After touching up gloves and hearing the bell ring, watch as Harper ducks under the ropes and simply strolls away:

The odd move took place before the duo's super heavyweight match at a Premier Boxing Champions event in Minneapolis. Because of Harper walking out, Ajagba's record improved to 6-0 without him having to even take a swing. Solid night's work.

The question is, why? Did Harper want no part of Ajagba? That would seem to be a good assumption when looking at Ajagba's five professional fights, four of which have included knockouts in the first round. But Harper's no slouch either, with a 13-6 record and nine knockouts. Maybe he really had to go to the bathroom? We've all been there.

Thanks to Premier Boxing Champions reporter Jordan Hardy, we now know why Harper left, and it was over a disparity in pay:

Not something we'd suggest doing at your respective places of work.